Privacy Policy

How does a family share information on the Web? 

We have been wondering for years what we can do to share more with our friends and family using the Web.  Like it is for most families, the best we have been able to do is use email - and email just does not cut it.  When it comes to stories, photos and videos and capturing this information over time, it is not entirely clear how to proceed if we want to move past email.  While we can make the choice of what personal information is published about ourselves, just about everything we do is associated with other people.  Our information may indirectly reveal information about others.  In the end, there is no clear strategy and years have gone by.  It is almost 2008 and we have decided to just start and see how the people in our life react.  We care deeply about our family and friends and the whole reason for sharing is about enriching relationships.  Please let us know if there are any concerns or if you feel we have made a mistake.

See more about this on our blog.  (link TODO)